Kare First Love

Title: Kare First Love
Artist: Miyasaka Kaho
Scanlator: GKG, Slow and Dirty
Length: 10 Volumes

Info: Karin is your average nerdy girl. With glasses and pigtails, guys just simply avoid her. Karin is also constantly being pushed around by her populer friend, Yuka. She just wishes she could have the courage to start yelling out at all the people who are rude against her. On a train to school, Karin meets Kiriya, a handsome young man who seems to have a small interest in her. Karin is dragged to a group date by Yuka and meets up with Kiriya once again.

Vol 1 / mirror
Vol 2 / mirror
Vol 3 / mirror
Vol 4 / mirror
Vol 5 / mirror
Vol 6 / mirror
Vol 7 / mirror
Vol 8 / mirror
Vol 9 / mirror
Vol 10 

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