Land of Silver Rain

Title:Land of Silver Rain
Manhwaka: Mira Lee
Scanlator: HMR, DMM, iXi
Length: 7 volumes(complete)

Summary (from HMR): Iseulbi lives in the dokkaebi world, separated from the humans. She spends her days fighting with her enemy Gashichilae for the attention of his highness. But can she live there forever? And who are the good-looking prince and the cute nine-tailed fox that seem to follow her around? This lovely story and artwork will give you a sight into Iseulbi’s struggle between the dokkaebi world and the human world.

Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4 
Vol 5
vol 6
vol 7 (end)


If you’re having problems downloading -> How to download


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