The Prince’s Cactus

Title: The Prince’s Cactus
Xu Ci
Scanslator: Rebellious Love, Sherbet Lemon
Status: 2 Volumes — Complete
It’s the 21st century and yet, there’s still someone referred to as a Prince!? Born to a small European country, his mother is of royalty there. His father on the other hand, heir to prosperous European shipping industry, is a descendent of Queen Victoria.

Since young, Elian has been groomed to be the crown prince, filled with natural confidence… hmm, to speak better of it, he’s be said to be a distinguished speaker of good temperament. To put it bluntly, he’s an arrogant person. However, to say that Elian’s arrogance was acquired from his training as a crown prince, then we could say that just looking at his appearance as well as his background alone, would give us sufficient evidence to say that he was born a conceited person.

Dania, on the other hand, is a girl whose father has left her for another woman, and she has to work for a living. However, her sister gets married to Elian’s father, and she has attends the wedding in Greece. There she meets him for the first time…

Vol 1 | mirror
Vol 2 – Chap 5 ~ mirror

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