Hana no Utage (Abe no Seimei Koi Monogatari 1)

Title: Hana no Utage
(Abe no Seimei Koi Monogatari 1)
Author: Takada Tami
Scanlators: Impossibility, Solaris-SVU
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)

A collection of oneshot stories written by the mangaka of Hanakanmuri no Hime.

  1. Feast of the Flowers
    Ming became blind after an unknown illness 2 years ago. One night, she meets a man in her dreams who restores her sight. She falls in love with him, but how will she find him again?
  2. The Girl Among the Moonlilies
    A princess chases a firefly which leads her to a man. She is so surprised by him that she steps backward and accidentally falls over a cliff, losing her memory. What will happen to her?
  3. Moon’s Dew; Star’s Tears
  4. Winter’s Bloom

Vol 1 | mirror

2 thoughts on “Hana no Utage (Abe no Seimei Koi Monogatari 1)”

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  2. I just love this manga Takada Tami I a great Author. I just love her other manga ROMANTIC GLANCE

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