Apothecarius Argentum (Yakushi Argent)

Apothecarius Argentum (Yakushi Argent)

Mangaka: YAMASHITA Tomomi
Scanlators: Aeternitas Scans, Furious Puppet
Length: 6 Volumes (Ongoing)
Licensed: Yes – CMX Manga
Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Historical, Romance

Summary From CMX:
As a boy, Argentum was a poison tester for a royal family. Later, he developed an immunity to toxic substances and became a master chemist with the ability to cure any illness. Returning after a long absence, he is assigned to be Princess Primula’s bodyguard. But any potential relationship will have its limits, as Argentum’s very touch has itself become poisonous.

Vol 1 | Mirror | Mirror
Vol 2 | Mirror
Vol 3 | Mirror
Vol 4 | Mirror
Vol 5 | Mirror
Vol 6 | Mirror
Vol 7 | Mirror

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