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Divine Melody

Author: Yi Huan
Genre: Adventure Drama Fantasy Gender Bender Historical Romance Shoujo
Scanlators: ShoujoMagicTranscendence
Length: 9 Volumes (ongoing)

This is a wonderful tale set in historical times that deals with amazing legends… A strong and active young boy named Duo Xi and a gentle young girl named Xiao Que live in a village at the base of a mountain which, legend has it, is home to female fox demons. Among the foxes is the very special Cai Sheng–a little girl fox with the power to one day become what only the most powerful foxes can become: a man, able to sire celestial fox children. Lonely, with no one her age to play with, the child fox Cai Sheng descends to the village and plays with Duo Xi and Xiao Que, and when the little fox child is attacked by a dog, it’s the two human children who save her! Now the humans are marked, and will remain so–even in their lives to come–until Cai Sheng repays her debt to them… Two hundred years later, Cai Sheng is more powerful and has mastered the art of becoming a man…and she still owes a debt to the reincarnated children!

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9

Apothecarius Argentum (Yakushi Argent)

Apothecarius Argentum (Yakushi Argent)

Mangaka: YAMASHITA Tomomi
Scanlators: Aeternitas Scans, Furious Puppet
Length: 6 Volumes (Ongoing)
Licensed: Yes – CMX Manga
Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Historical, Romance

Summary From CMX:
As a boy, Argentum was a poison tester for a royal family. Later, he developed an immunity to toxic substances and became a master chemist with the ability to cure any illness. Returning after a long absence, he is assigned to be Princess Primula’s bodyguard. But any potential relationship will have its limits, as Argentum’s very touch has itself become poisonous.

Vol 1 | Mirror | Mirror
Vol 2 | Mirror
Vol 3 | Mirror
Vol 4 | Mirror
Vol 5 | Mirror
Vol 6 | Mirror
Vol 7 | Mirror

Otoyome Gatari

Title: Otoyome Gatari
Mangaka : Kaoru Mori
Scanlator(s): IIChan Translation Group
Genre(s): Drama, Historical, Romance, Seinen

Set along the Silk Road that connected Asia with the Mediterranean world, including North Africa and Europe in the 19th century. The story of Amira, a woman skilled in archery and horsemanship, sent to marry Karluk, a boy from another village who is 8 years younger than her. But all is not well, as her village decides to take her back…

Vol 1: Chap 1-2, mirror | Chap 3 ~ mirror

Kitsune to Atori

Kitsune to Atori
Mangaka: Takeda Hinata
Genre(s): Comedy, Historical, Horror, Shoujo, School Life
Scanlator(s): Aerandria, Ivyscan

Summary: From Aerandria
This is a tale of human and fox, of Atori, who hates lies, and of her sister, who lost one eye because of a fox. Other oneshots in this one-volume title includes “Doll’s Girl” and “Yaeka no Karute extra story.”

Vol 1 (end) | mirror