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Ike Ike Sakura


Ike Ike Sakura

Mangaka: NAGAE Tomomi
Scanlator: Luna Chicas(Ch 1-3), Alice Dreams
Length: 4 Volumes


Sanabi Sakura was on her way to her university admission exams when she got a serious nosebleed. Fortunately she was helped by a cute guy, Shuji, who lent her his knee for some rest. After getting admitted to university, she looked feverently for Shuji and luckily managed to get into a Goukon with him. But will he accept her confession?

Vol 1 – Ch 1-4 ~ Mirror ~ Mirror

Love You Madly

Title: Love You Madly
Artist: OSAKABE Mashin
Scanlator: Luna Chicas

Info: 5 oneshots, which involve love blooming from physical attraction.
1) Love You Madly (two parts): One day, Ami suddenly got her feelings acknowledged by Kawano. Originally a guy beyond her reach, their bodies touched, Ami felt like she was in a dream. But, she found that this is a dream without love declarations, without kisses, and only comprising of sex. Ami was thrown into confusion… and what are Kawano’s real intentions…?
2) Butterfly’s Bed
3) The Rose Lock
4) Passion’s Prison
5) Balance of Love Omake: The Rose Lock extra

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